Maintaining your roof is something that all home owners should consider at some point, as it not only preserves the life of the most important part of your home, but it ensures that it is safe and secure as well. Aotearoa Roofing ensures that your residential or commercial property is handled professionally from beginning to end, delivering a seamless service that won’t break the bank.


Choosing new roofing can be a difficult task, and most home owners simply choose the style and colour while leaving the brand and quality up to the contractor. For this reason, finding the right team of professionals for your roof restoration, installation or repair is very important. This ensures that your Auckland home or commercial space meets every standard of quality and safety there is, such as being waterproof, insulated and airtight, and that the proper choices have been made for your sun exposure, weather and climate.

A comprehensive range of services

Here at Aotearoa, we take great pride in delivering the best service we can for all our projects including:

Roof Installation

We install new roofs or replace existing ones.
We work with a number of different roofing materials including colour steel, copper, slate, tile and Zincalume. We can advise on the best material and shape for your home as part of our installation service.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

We repair steel, asphalt, wood, tile, slate and other roofing materials to make them functional and effective, ensuring that they provide optimum insulation and are leak-free.

We also install and replace all types of metal roofing.

Spouting Installation and Repair

We can repair or replace leaky or broken spouting on any home or business. This service helps to ensure that rainwater is carried away from the foundations of the structure, reducing the chance of moisture damage and improve the overall drainage of the property.

Gutter Cleaning\Moss Treatment

We offer a hassle and mess free gutter cleaning service to prolong the life of your gutters with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Find out more about our solutions today

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